AGAPEDIA Romania Foundation has been established in 1995 with the mission to improve the quality of life for children and families in need, to contribute towards the development of the child protection system and to implement efficient social and medical services.

AGAPEDIA Romania Foundation counts 15 years of experience in developing social services, including services for preventing children separation from their families, special protection for children who are temporarily deprived of parental care, and also social and medical support services for socially marginalized people.

Starting with February 2012, AGAPEDIA Foundation Romania has been conducting – in partnership with Tărlungeni Village Hall, Apața Village Hall and Budila Village Hall – the “RurActiv – integrated project to improve the employment rate in Tărlungeni, Apața and Budila Communes (Brașov County)”.Identification number: POSDRU/110/5.2/G/89009.

Our long-lasting collaboration with national partners within this project has been very efficient and isreflected even nowadays throughout the various projects implemented in these villages.

For further information about other programms co-financed by the European Union, please visitwww.fonduri-ue.ro